"The German Reformation"

We were planning the performance of the stage play  “The German Reformation” in 2020.
The scheduled premiere location was  a modern Munich church. The aspired date May 22nd. / May 23, 2020 .
Unfortunately, this was not possible due to the pandemic. For now and then there was only an introductory interview and a promotional trailer to see. Video recordings of the play were later produced.
Due to the difficult situation, we decided at the beginning of 2020 to convert the theater project into a film project.
Thus we were able to successfully complete the project. The rooms and equipment were modest. But we wanted to make the best out of the situation. And I think the result is impressive.
Below are the links to the individual videos.
Act 1 Martin Luther is visited by an envoy from the Elector in 1521.
Act 2 Battle of words between Martin Luther and Erasmus of Rotterdam.
Act 3 The Augsburg Reichstag 1530.
Act 4 Martin Luther in conversation with a scholar at the Wartburg in 2021.
Short closing Martin Luther wakes up from his dream.
We also had material to promote the play.


On February 6th, 2022 the time had come. Despite Corona we performed the play at the Kulturetage Messestadt in Munich.

Pictures of our performance in the form of a slideshow.

The performance from February 6th at the  Kulturetage Messestadt in Munich. Edited video in full length:


2021 - Im Wahlkampf


The play was recorded as an audio play in six units, each approximately 10 minutes long, and broadcasted daily on the Internet and social media before the election.


Sophie took on the role of the femlae voter and Diego took on the role of the male voter.

Other participants:








Many thanks to all of the participants!

In the week before the federal election it was a different party's turn every day:

Text in pdf: Im Wahlkampf 2021

2019 - TV-Combat between love and righteousness

The play "TV duel between love and righteousness" premiered on June 7, 2019 in Munich. A second performance followed on June 8, 2019 at the Kulturetage Messestadt.
Thanks to everyone who supported this project.
City of Munich, Kulturetage Messestadt, Cosima youth club, which provided the rehearsal rooms, but above all the actors
Melody Bayer (role moderator)
Andreas Meyer /role love)
Julia Weiermann (role righteousness)