Stage play - Hiob ( Job)


Job is a play for 9 roles.
The play was created between December 2020 and March 2021.
The approximately 90-minute play is to be performed in two acts.
Analogous to the same calles bible book , we find ourselves at the beginning in heaven over 3,500 years ago. Satan doubts the integrity of the righteous Job.
As a result, God allows Job to lose all of his possessions and his children, and he is ultimately struck with a serious illness.
How will Job react as a result? Will he turn away from God?
Job is then visited by three friends, Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar, who want to comfort him. Everyone argues about the righteousness of Job, God and the world.
After Job's friends have run out of arguments, young Elihu appears who is convinced of God's righteousness. However, he cannot reconcile Job's suffering with this either.
Finally, God himself takes part. In the end, Job repents and God reverses his misfortune.
On the one hand, it is about the person of God. Who actually is God and how does he rule the world? As a Christian you can ask yourself, how can the God of Job be reconciled with the God the Father that Jesus introduced to us? How should this book be classified in the context of the Bible? On the other hand, it is also about us and our relationship with God and the Bible. How do we respond when we go through hard times?

Interview in German


Hiob.pdf (364.99KB)
Hiob.pdf (364.99KB)