Stage play - Valley Discourse


Valley Discourse is a spirituel stage play in 4 acts for 13 roles. Written in German and translated into English between the years 2011 and 2016.
The teachings of Jesus are twisted and completed. These teachings seem to be contradictionary at first glance and not easy to be understood. That´s why the stage play is primarily for adults, mature persons who already have aquired scriptural knowledge and discernment.
It is the reversal of Jesu´s sermon on the mountain ( Mat Kap. 5-7). It starts with the last verse and ends with the first verse. Jesu´s seemingy twisted statements are twisted once more. The last verses (Chapter 5:12-3), the so-called "blessednesses", are the basis for the 2. act.
The Protagonist (ASTRID) raises questions according "Who is happier this one or that one?" to the audience. She answers the objections and has always a surprisingly answer.
In the 3. act ASTRID preaches among the people. She is accompanied by SUSAN and JULIA. She has to debate with THEOLOGIST and THEOCRAT (Scribe and Pharisee).
Both of them are incited by the ACCUSER, who ASTRID in the 4. act accuses at court. ASTRID has to defend herself but is observed by the invisible WORD. At the end the Judge (=Word) releases her based on the constitution.