Stage Play - Election campaign 2021


The stage play or chamber play in six acts was created in 2021.
It takes place in the run-up to the 2021 federal election.
The six parties DIE LINKE (dark red), SPD (light red), GRÜNE (green), FDP (yellow), CDU/CSU (black), AFD (blue) receive a visit from one or two voters  at their election campaign stand.
The representatives of the parties present their election program and the visitors to the voting stand address the intentions, peculiarities, mistakes and weaknesses of the parties.
The purpos is to offer the audience an entertaining overview of the parties running in the 2021 federal election and to bring up things that are otherwise rarely or not at all mentioned and heard.
A couple visits the party's election campaign stand together or separately. Then the appearance of the voting booth changes and with it the party and the couple speaks again. The couple's audition takes an average of around 10 minutes per election campaign stand.
The total duration is therefore 60 minutes.

"im Wahlkampf 2021" is only available in German.

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