Just an act!

Here you  find an overview of my written stage plays.
First of all, a short description and a synopsis, possibly an interview about the play and, if available, photographic or audio material.
There is also video material for plays that have already been staged.
You can read the plays on the screen or download them.

Stage Plays - History

I initially wrote several plays in parallel and optimized them over time.
I started with the "Der Herr ist unsere Gerechtigkeit", which I essentially completed in 2011.
Then in 2013 "Die Frucht des Geistes", thereafter 2015 "Die Talpredigt" respectively "Valley Discourse". 
2017 followed the play "Das Lied der Lieder" together with the English translation "Song of Songs". 
In 2018 I finished the play "TV-Duell zwischen Liebe und Gerechtigkeit" respectively "TV-Combat Love against Rigtheousness".
Subsequently I wrote "Die Deutsche Reformation".
In march 2021 followed "Hiob" and  in September the play, respectively audio drama "Im Wahlkampf 2021".
On 1.1.2024 I have published the new stage play  "Jesus und der Koran", which I  will also translate into English.